FAQ's regarding Digital Marketing

Some commonly asked digital marketing questions by clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: In short any single website which can run / show smooth on every screen size / device like, desktop, mobile, and on tabs for better use by users.

Yes! Of course, you can’t compare yourself to an experienced designer who spends 8 hours a day for many years in his trade. He knows lots of tips / tricks and important approaches which you will learn after too much research (if you are lucky to find).

Website is your digital front store; however you can use Google / Facebook and other auto generated web pages where limited functionality is available. However, we recommend a professional website because it casts your first impression on customers.

Yes, your customers can find you even if you don’t have a website. But it is not recommended; because without a website, your accessibility for your potential customers gets limited.

Yes! But there will be limited results, and you need to spend more time and money on marketing your business.

Infographic is large but organized information in a graphic form; because it is easy to share/spread. Infographics are used in spreading back-links.

Its optional, unique graphic means no legal issue to claim someone his / her copyright issue. Search engines promote unique graphics. Graphics are actually digital assets

No one can answer it exactly like it depends on factors such as — your targeted market, and keywords. Also, it depends on your business nature and your competitors. 

However, we can assist / consult you in an approach that fits your budget.

NAP is a term in digital marketing Name, Address and Phone number of your business.

It depends upon your business niche, your targeted market and search engine crawler. At the same time even your all competitors are also doing the same.

Yes, because the competition for the top ranking slot is getting tougher day-by-day. Only  professionals know which ways and techniques can get you on the top.

For search engine optimization / digital marketing we will submit monthly reports directly to you, also those reports will show tracking and performance using Google / Bing and other third parties reports.

Website content is for two purposes: 1st for human beings, 2nd for search engines. You can definitely write content for your customers but not for search engines because here is where you need the expertise of your content writers and SEO experts. So, our content writer optimizes your content in a way that fits both– humans (your customers) and search engines.

Not necessarily, if you have a low budget then you don’t need it. But it is recommended if you can afford it. A digital ads approach would be an additional point. We will assist you in cost saving factors.

Both, You (Directly you or your marketing team) and We (Our strategy planners and digital marketing specialists) will create strategy.

Our strategy planners are specialists and can assist you in all possible ways to promote your business. Even if you have a marketing team then our specialists can collaborate with them for better results.

 It depends on the situation based on location, time and availability.

No! You can discontinue service any time. But you should clear the remaining balance, like only current month payment needs to be paid